The Enlightened Dog is owned and operated by Dara Lambert, CPDT-KSA. She has been training dogs and their owners full time since 2006. She also has extensive prior professional experience working in dog daycares and animal shelters. She is a proud member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and Truly Dog Friendly.

Dara holds a Bachelor‘s degree in Psychology from the University of Delaware with a minor in Sociology. She is a graduate of Animal Behavior College, one of the largest dog training schools in the nation, and has graduated from two levels of dog training academies offered by renowned dog trainer and author, Pat Miller. Dara has attained both levels of certification through CCPDT (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers) which required passing an independent, science based exam to demonstrate knowledge in instruction skills, animal husbandry, ethology, learning theory, equipment, business practices and ethics. In addition, a practical skills portion of the exam required video submissions demonstrating her abilities to instruct clients and to train dogs. She continues to supplement her hands-on experience by regularly attending classes, seminars and workshops given by leaders in the field of dog training.

Dara shares her home with her husband, Andy, and their two adopted dogs Clyde and Alice. When Dara isn’t busy helping clients and their dogs, she often volunteers with one of her registered therapy dogs at schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

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